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Devious Journal Entry

Feb. 13th, 2009

2009-02-12 03:17 pm (local) (link) DeleteTrack This
Yo yo hi. :D

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1) Fanfic Forums
2) Fem!Tsuna
3) Everyone/Tsuna whore

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2009-02-13 12:48 am (local) (link) DeleteTrack This


Oh and Juri wants one too. greedy

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2009-02-13 12:51 am (local) (link) Track This

2) Sawai Juri
3) wtf Gaou/Sena

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Comment Posted Successfully
D: D:

Juri says:

And Gaou/Sena=♥ gtfo

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So apparently now I'm supposed to post this thing here and uh offer to do it for you guys. Basically, you comment and I list five things that remind me of you. And then you post to your journal and it goes on and on my friend this is the song that NEEEEEVVVEEEE--

Yeah and Juri will be doing it too.

So apparently Jack reminds Shin of:

1. Fanfic Forums:
    This makes sense, as we met there and had a grand old time flooding the place to hell and dragging others along with us.

2. Fem!Tsuna
    This also makes sense as I wrote the first fem!Tsuna fic (I claimed it, bitches!)

3. Everyone/Tsuna whore
    dhshlnhs *s-sob not a whore, just a fanatic* Okay, so I guess I'll have to concede on this point. What can I say, I like me some tuna sandwich... with lots and lots of layers.


     ;_; you're giving people the wrong idea! I do not sell myself for money!

So apparently the biggest impression she has of me is that of a whore. g-gonna go sob in the corner now. *hands post over to Juri*

Yeah, so I don't know Shin as well as Jack does but she still did this for me anyway, so I've gotta do it in return.

    Where the whole sorid affair began ;D

2. Sawai Juri
    Makes perfect sense, as she's my namesake and first RP'd character.

3. wtf Gaou/Sena
    I-it's not that strange, stfu D<

     B-but they always told me that was one of my best qualities!!!


Okay, comment away and makes sure to tell if you want a response from me, Jack, or both.
Oh fuck it all.

My cat just died.

Dec. 27th, 2008

So, another art post, but only one this time. I've been working hard on it, and it's still not done. Can anyone guess who's who, base on the manga/anime and my last post? XD

SO far, there are 4 plushies.

Here it is after I've worked on it some more:

Now there are 11 plushies! (Mizumachi and Kid don't look quite right) And the placement of them means nothing, as proven by the fact that Kotaro is leaning on Agon. Okay, so, I need some help now that the desk is bigger (and the dimsenions are weird!!!!) what's on your desk?
Click to enlarge!!!

So, what'da you think?

PIC and stuff

So, it's been forever since I posted, but I thought you guys might like to see some stuff I've been doing. So here, an art dump for you guys.

And it's a girl Sena for Ivan. I have no clue what she's doing with her foot, but I like the football pants.

...I don't know if this is going to turn into a series.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING ANYMOOOOORE! Sena in Deimon Cheer Uniform? LOLwhut?

I know it's all sketchy crap from Paint, but what do you think?




Why oh why oh why oh why oh why is my damn computer so so so so so so so so so sosososososososososososososososososososososo stupid?!?!?!?!?!?! GOD!?!?!?! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!! I was just typing up this review of the Batman movie, right here, and what does my stupid computer do?! It shuts the internet down on me and doesn't even have the courtesy to save my entry. DAMN IT! And I was all most done, too! And it was long! ARGH!!! I'm so frustrated I'm already crying! This sucks!!!!!

Damn it. Let me see what I remember.

Soooo... it's been a while since I last updated this thing. And god, now I have too do it twice. Damn it.

Anyway, earlier today I went out and saw the new Batman movie, 'Batman: The Dark Knight' and I have to say it was much better than I expected (I only went for the popcorn. Seriously.). Too explain that statement, I'm a Marvel Girl. I hate dislike DC comics. And Batman. And pretty much everyone else except for the JSA, the Super Buddies, and Impulse. Oh, and Todd, because he's gay and that's cool. Even though he was kinda a villain before. Anyway, I hate dislike them because Batman's too depressing, Superman's stupid, Wonder Woman's dull, and Flash treated Impulse badly. Man-hunters not too bad, though. So I was only going to this movie for the popcorn. I even wore a Spider-man shirt (needless to say, L wore a Batman one). 

Anyway, so I was going in expecting this movie to be really really stupid. But it wasn't. It was actually pretty good. I mean, sure, there were some bad parts, what with Harvey Dent and anyone who ever read a Batman comic and had half a brain knowing who he was upon hearing his name/seeing him flip that coin. And god I hate that I have to do this over. Also, did anyone actually believe that Gordan died? I mean, come on! He still has to be alive to see Barbara become Batgirl! Also, people going alone everywhere? How stupid can you get! Also, the detonator at the end? The Joker pushed the button, and I saw a green light-y thing, but nothing exploded.

But I really did like the part where the criminal said "I'll do what you should have done ten minutes ago" and took the detonator from the ship guy (okay, this needs some explaining, and as much as I hate to do this again -and I'm still crying, darn it- it was one of my favorite parts. So, see the Joker -do they ever tell us his real name in the books? Because in the movie they don't, and it seems like the Joker just kinda popped up out of nowhere, and now that I think about it that's kinda how it should be for the Joker- got out of jail and he tells every one that they should leave Gotham, but he's done something to the bridges so the people try to leave on boats or something. But Gordan is worried that the criminals he and Harvey captured are up to something, so he gets them out of the city on one of the boats, and there's two boats, so one's got criminals and the others got regular people. And then when they're in the middle of the river or something the Joker stops the boats and shuts down communications. And then the people on the boats find these detonators. And the Joker tells them that whoever presses the button first gets to live but the people on the other ship die. And I'm sitting there thinking, 'oh no', because I think that he's tricking them, and that whoever presses the button will get blown up. And he also says that someone's gotta press the button/pull the thing before midnight or they both die. And that's my confusing explanation, so back to what I was saying) so the criminal takes the detonator and throws it out the window. And I'm so happy about that that I actually clap for him. Anyway, I think the guys like, half blind or something, because his right eye looked a little funky.

Anyway, I also really liked Heath Ledger in this, because he does crazy really well. It's almost my level of crazy, and that's saying something. But his crazy is on the homicidal side, which mine is not, in case anyone was wondering. But that;s how the Joker should be. But hey, the movie was scary horror (it's DRAMA) -oh, shut up, you-, so it was to be expected. And I did spend an inordinate amount of time staring at the walls and the ceiling.

My mind is a strange place to be, I figured out during this movie, because even with all the crazy going on my brain still had it's slash detector out and it's gay-goggles on. So when the Joker says "I like them tough" or something and Batman says "then you'll love me" I still squealed. XD XD

One thing that bothered me, though, was that Rachel girl. You know, the one who wrote that letter to Bruce that he never read because Alfred ended up burning it? The one who was going to marry Dent? The one who got exploded? The one who Batman said he was going to save but ended up saving Dent -that part confused me, because Batman said he was going to save Rachel. W says that the Joker switched who was where, but still, when Batman saw Dent instead of Rachel, he didn't seem at all surprised, so what gives?- instead? That one? Where's she from? L says that she doesn't remember the girl in the comics, and I didn't pay all that much attention to her because, Yuck, romance in my action movies? No thanks.

I liked the part at the end, because while what Gordan was saying ("the hero Gotham deserves/=the hero Gotham needs") was really confusing, it was also really really cool.

Batman himself was also awesome, what with the chase scenes and the special effects and the freaky voice changes and the nasty looking scars, but also with the car. That was a really awesome car. I mean, it even said "goodbye" before it spit out Batman on a motorcycle and then exploded! It was awesome! I want that motorcycle. The action scenes in the movie were very awesome.

I recommend this movie to everyone. It was several kinds of awesome -but not all kinds of awesome, as Aang in the Avatar planet mode was-, and I think I'd give it a 9 .3 (for the crazy)/10.

Also, the previews were cool. I saw one for 'Watchmen', which I've only recently vaguely heard of, but it looks cool. And the preview had Rorschach in it! Which is a super-hero I only vaguely know about. I spent the whole time watching the preview wondering who the heck it was about, because I knew it was a super-hero movie, but I couldn't figure out what. Darn it. I still don't really know.

In other news, I've recently gotten back into Digimon after we found some old blank tapes while cleaning and found some recorded episodes on them. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much of a fan base, or one that writes very well. Oh, woe is me. But Tamers is my favorite season, and I'm rather lucky that they show on TV every week day at 6:30. Which I of course don't get up for, as I go to bed at about 5 in the morning and wake up at about 1 in the afternoon, but tape.

Also, Avatar ended. I thought the ending was awesome, with-holding the desperate and out of the blue attempts to draw in the romantics at the end of the series. Bah.

And now it's time for food. So, bye.

So, editing this now, as I back from dinner. And it's really really cold down stairs. But L likes the cold, the freak, so I can't actually turn off the air conditioners. Also, the joys of awkward, stifled conversations when strangers are in the house. I really don't like my sisters boyfriend. He's icky. And weird. Oh well, at least this further cements my belief that I'll never date. At all. Ever.


Jul. 1st, 2008


Hi! It's me again! I'm sure you all know who I am by now! That Time Line person, right? Yup! I'm almost done with Ark Angel (the only thing of which I remember is monkeys, but it's entirely possible that was just a dream), so I bet you're all wondering what I'm doing making a time-line when I should be reading. Well... see, as I read, I take notes on little note cards. And, well, I ran out of note cards halfway through Ark Angel and I need the ones I used on Scorpia. It's only mildly amusing, but oh well, you guys get a time-line out of it, so I doubt you mind all that much. XD Also, it's there's a thunderstorm ging on here, and if the power goes out, the lights and the internet will go out too, so the only thing I'll be able to do is type.

IMPORTANT: Jack hasn't gotten to be anyless of an idiot since she started these things. Infact, she may have gotten worse. So, please, be kind to the stupid Jack. Please point out any mistakes you notice like, oh, say, the wrong month, but please be nice about it. Thank you.



And that's the end of Scorpia, one of the most awesome books with the most awesome endings ever!

In other news, I finished Ark Angel, which has another awesome ending! But it also means that now I can start Snakehead. I've already got jitters in my stomach and I haven't even started! So only a question before I leave off the read the next book! *is giddy* ^________________^

Question: Would you rather the next Alex Rider book be about Alex or someone else? If yes, who would it be? I'd much perfer Alex, but what do you guys think?


Hey! I made a new friend, she's called joysweeper, which has awesomesauce comic scans and comments so hilarious I could die.

Okay, so I was hanging out over at scans_daily
 were talking on this post. And so, well, we got to talking about something that was said in one of the scans and well, we kinda got to sorta ficcing it. And, well, this happened. And, so, flag (or Star-Spangled Banner, or Union Jack, or Union, or Jack, or Red, White and Blue, etc.) was born. And hilarity ensued.

And, so, after determining that I am an alien for having never seen Star Wars, joysweeper
got an idea and blames me for it. Which, okay, is totally reasonable because I did start it, and I totally accept all blame. Happily, in fact. It was, after all, what I was going for.

And then, well, I had to do this post so that she could link me to the story that happens when she actually finishes and posts it so that I can read it and all. I also said I'd pimp the fic/thing here, so, yeah. This is it. Enjoy.

and sorry for not posting in so long




Hey wow!! TS, your b-day is ten-days after mine!! Well, happy birthday!!

(And hey, sorry for not posting with my fanfic ideas, Chibi-chan!!)

Sorry for the not-long post.



okita haha
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